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Compliant, accurate, and knowledgeable about global laws, Customs Support provides export customs clearance in Ireland you can rely on:

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End-to-end clearance provided with the UK and the EU
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Providing specialist knowledge across Ireland, Customs Support is here wherever your export customs clearance needs completing.

Every Commodity

Knowledgeable across all industries. You can rely on us for compliance, no matter what you are exporting.

Every Procedure

Exporting from bond, temporary storage, or another special procedure? We’ll keep you safe and compliant.

Every Port

By sea or air, in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Wherever you need export clearance, we’re here for you.

Compliant Documents

Experts in origin statements, health certs, and more, we’ll ensure your importer has what they need.

Europe-wide Service

A single point of contact for the end-to-end clearance when you are exporting from Ireland to the UK/EU.

Transit Specialists

Get your T1 or T2 completed at the same time as your export customs clearance, without the extra hassle.

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You can rely on us for more than just an export customs entry

Specialists in documentation, classification, and supply chain processes, Customs Support is here to help you from before you ship the goods to when they arrive at destination.


Save time and hassle by working with us from the beginning to prepare everything right. Whether it’s looking at origin statements on your paperwork or figuring out which documentation you and your importer need, we’ll help you get it together before your goods are shipped.

If this is the first time you are exporting, you can rely on us for customs guidance relating to getting registered, preparing paperwork, and more so that you are compliant from the start.

During the export customs clearance

Ship your goods without delay. We’ll ensure that you have the declaration number for your carrier in good time, and a full set of clearance documents once the goods have departed from the port (which is when your export entry goes live).


Minimise delays for your importer in the UK or EU with our end-to-end clearance service, where one of our own partner offices will complete the import customs clearance for you. Your single point of contact for customs clearance in Ireland will manage all your end-to-end services. This means that you don’t need to juggle multiple agents for any of your European clearances. With or without our end-to-end services, our compliance team will routinely check your export clearances so that we can work together on improving your efficiency and minimising risk.

Ready to work with an export customs clearance partner who does more than just the export declaration? Get in touch today for more information.

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Export Customs Clearance | FAQs

What is export clearance?

Export customs clearance is the process of declaring goods as they leave a country. It is also when customs authorities give permission for a shipment to be processed through the border. If there is no export clearance, the goods may not leave the border.

When you are declaring an export to customs, the information that you will need includes, but is not limited, to:

  • The invoice value
  • The Port of Dispatch
  • The Port of Arrival
  • The Shipper’s details
  • The Importer’s details
  • The gross and net weights
  • The number of packages
  • The commodity code
  • The value of the goods
  • The container/unit/vehicle number*
  • The vessel name and identifier*
  • The date of departure*

*Some data is held on the manifest by the carrier, which your export entry will be matched to before departure. Therefore, this information may not be included on your export declaration.

Customs Support helps you to have all the information and clearance documents in place before export. Contact us for more information.

When do I complete an export clearance in Ireland?

Export clearance is required before your goods leave Ireland, no matter if it is Northern Ireland or the ROI that your shipment is departing from.

The clearance process begins as soon as you have all the commercial documents for your shipment and send them to your export clearance partner. From there, they will process an export entry and give you the reference to give to your carrier.

Once the carrier has matched your export declaration to their manifest, your goods can be shipped. The export clearance will go live once the goods leave Ireland.

Customs Support helps you to get all your information together and the documents processed as soon as possible so that your export clearance goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us for more information.

What documents do I need to export customs clearance in Ireland?

For your export customs clearance, you need to have processed your commercial documents. These must also contain all of the relevant information for the order.

At a minimum, you need to have a commercial invoice and packing list for your export declaration. The transport details will usually be submitted on the manifest by your carrier, who will them match your export declaration to this manifest – thereby completing the dataset.

If your shipment requires supplementary documents, such as certificates of origin or laboratory test results, then these may need to be referenced on your export clearance. 

Beware that your importer may require paperwork on the other side that you do not need to declare on export. Check with them for their requirements.

Customs Support helps you to have all of the documents you need for export clearance together in a timely and orderly manner. Contact us for more information.

Who is responsible for export customs clearance?

Your Incoterm will dictate who is responsible for arranging paying for the export clearance. However, it is always your responsibility as the exporter to provide correct information to the export clearance agent on time, and to keep records.

If you are the exporter but are selling on an Incoterm this means you are not responsible for the export entry, you must be vigilant in getting hold of and checking your export clearance. Errors are difficult to fix later if the agent is not employed by you, and you will still be responsible for the information.

Customs Support helps you to stay compliant and on time as the exporter, working with you to understand your obligations and keep goods moving whether you are responsible for contracting us or not. Contact us for more information.

Who pays for export clearance?

Unless you are shipping on the Ex-Works (EXW) Incoterm, you will be responsible for the export clearance if you are the shipper. 

Regardless of this, many exporters choose to be responsible for the clearance on EXW as well because the accuracy of the export declaration is their legal obligation. They also need the documents as proof of shipment so that they can process the sale without VAT.

Whether or not you are paying us for the export clearance or your buyer is, Customs Support is here to help keep you stay compliant and your goods moving on time. Contact us for more information.

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