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Accurate, compliant, and risk averse, Customs Support provides T1 and T2 transit clearance in Ireland, the EU, and the UK.

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For export and transit clearance, in both Ireland and Northern Ireland

Experienced and professional, you can rely on Customs Support for compliant transit clearance throughout Ireland.

Strict Compliance

Risk-averse and thorough in our processes, we keep the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed so that you remain compliant.

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Full transparency on all of your docs inside your own client portal so that you never lose sight of a transit clearance.

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Trusted professionals that are recognised by authorities as efficient, knowledgeable, and compliant.

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End-to-end customs services across Europe. Wherever you’re closing your transit clearance, we can help.

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Covered by our own transit guarantee, we don’t need to rely on other agents for your supply chain safety.

Available Ireland-wide

Whether you need us in Ireland or Northern Ireland, Customs Support is here to support your transit movements.

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You can rely on us for more than just a T1 or T2 transit clearance

Experienced, reliable, and available throughout Europe, Customs Support provides you with end-to-end transit clearances – including export clearance and the import declaration.

Export clearance

Available in every air and sea port across Ireland and Northern Ireland, we can process your export declaration and transit clearance at the same time – wherever you need us to.

Import clearance

Present throughout the EU and UK, Customs Support can process your import declaration on the other side of your transit movement. 

You can benefit from reduced risk due to our digital processes and end-to-end data mapping, meaning that there is less chance of a transit process not closing in time.

The T1 transit process

A couple of trucks T1 forms are raised so that goods can travel through the European Union under customs suspension until the goods arrive at destination. There, they will complete the import clearance and the goods can be released from the transit into free circulation, or another procedure. 

An example of this is goods moving from Northern Ireland to Germany. The goods may first go through England, then The Netherlands, and then into Germany. The import clearance is due in Germany, but the goods enter the EU in The Netherlands.

In this case, the T1 form allows the goods to move from The Netherlands to Germany under customs suspension.  To do this, the goods are entered under a customs guarantee, meaning that the guarantor holds the risk for the duty and VAT should the transit procedure not be closed. This is to prevent circumnavigation of taxes by obtaining transit release from the border.

Once the T1 form is issued, it must travel with the goods for the duration of the customs-suspended transit. On arrival to the destination country, the T1 form is closed as part of the import clearance. If the transit clearance has not been closed within two-three weeks, then the authorities will follow up with the guarantor to provide evidence that the procedure has been completed. If not, then the fine can be as high as 30% of the value, plus additional penalties.

Customs Support provides T1 transit clearance throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, and the rest of the EU.

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The T2 transit process

Similar to the T1 transit procedure, raising a T2 document allows for your goods to move under customs suspension. Only the suspension is in a non-EU country for EU-released goods, when the destination is another EU country.

For example, goods that are cleared in France but are moving to the Republic of Ireland through England and Wales. 

The import duty and VAT are suspended within the UK, and then the T2 is closed on arrival to the Republic of Ireland without import duty being owed.

Customs Support provides T2 transit clearance throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the rest of the EU. 

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Transit Clearance | FAQs

How are export clearance and transit clearance different?

Export customs clearance is the process of declaring goods as they leave a country. A transit clearance is required when your destination is not at the first border of arrival. In this case, the transit document allows the goods to leave the border so that they can continue to the destination without a full clearance.

However, all of the documents and information required for export and transit clearance are the same. They are also processed at the same time at origin.

Customs Support helps you to have all the information and clearance documents in place before export. Contact us for more information.

How do I obtain a T1 form as an exporter?

A T1 document is only issued to an agent or exporter who has a guarantee with customs. This is because the holder of that guarantee is responsible for the duty and VAT of the shipment should the transit procedure not be closed at the destination.

Once you have a party with a guarantee who can raise a T1 form, you need the commercial documents for the shipment and the export clearance before you can raise it. Once generated, this is collected at the port of export and must accompany the load.

Customs Support helps you to get all your information together and the documents processed as soon as possible so that your export and transit clearance goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us for more information.

What documents do I need to raise a T1 form?

For your transit clearance, you need the same documents that are required for your export clearance – as well as a completed export customs entry.

This means you need a commercial invoice, packing list, and transport details. This includes the container/unit/vehicle number and the port of export.

Once you have everything together, the T1 can be generated on the community transit system and you can collect the document at the port of departure.

Customs Support helps you to have all of the documents you need for transit customs clearance together in a timely and orderly manner. Contact us for more information.

How do I know if I need a T1 or a T2 transit document?

Whether or not you need a T1 or a T2 transit document depends on the origin of your goods, or their customs status.

If your goods are being exported from outside the European Union and need to transit through an EU country before getting to the EU destination – you need a T1 form.

If your goods are already cleared within the EU and are destined for another EU country, but need to pass outside of the European Union in transit – you need a T2 so that you are not liable for importduties on re-entering the EU.

Customs Support helps you to stay compliant when working with transit clearance documents, working with you to understand your obligations and keep your goods moving on time. Contact us for more information.

Do Incoterms affect the use of a T1?

No, Incoterms have no direct effect on the T1 transit procedure. However, your Incoterm will inform you on who is responsible for all export customs procedures, which does include transit documentation.

To avoid any complications, we recommend that whomever is arranging the export clearance also arranges the T1 document. We also recommend that the buyer instructs the seller in writing that a T1 form is required wherever applicable so that they know for certain that it is necessary.

This way, you can ensure that the information is the same and that there is no miscommunication between parties.

Customs Support provides export and transit clearances across Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, and the rest of the EU. Contact us for more information.

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