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The vehicle clearance process when importing a car into Ireland

When you’re importing an automobile into Ireland, you need to process your vehicle clearance with Irish Revenue and the Driver and Vehicle Agency (VRT).

During the import clearance, you will need to pay duty if the car originates from a third country which doesn’t have a trade agreement. However, even if there is an agreement, the cars must be new (up to three years old) to claim preference. Used cars which are not in free circulation always attract duty.

Regardless of origin or record of previous ownership, importing a car will attract a VAT charge. The only exception is when completing a Transfer of Residence vehicle clearance – when you have recorded ownership of the car for over six months in the country of origin and are moving it as a personal effect. 

Once your car has been cleared from customs, you must register it with the VRT. This includes booking an appointment at a National Car Test Centre.

Customs clearance when importing a car into Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, HMRC and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are whom you must lodge your clearance and registration of your automobile with. Once your import declaration is cleared, you will need to register with the DVLA on a V55/5 application.

Similar to importing a car into Ireland, you will need to pay duty and VAT during vehicle clearance in Northern Ireland – unless you are using a special procedure.

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Vehicle Clearance | FAQs

Do I have to complete a customs clearance when I bring my car to Ireland?

Yes. If you are permanently importing a car into Ireland, you must complete a customs clearance. You must also register the car with the relevant authorities – the VRT in Ireland and the DVLA in Northern Ireland.

Depending on whether you are importing to Ireland or Northern Ireland, and the history of the car, you may need to pay import duty during your vehicle clearance. You will likely need to pay VAT, even if you have previously paid VAT on the car.

Customs Support helps you to get your car through the border as quickly as possible with fast and accurate vehicle clearance. Contact us for more information.

How easy is it to import a car into Ireland?

It is easy to import a car into Ireland, but there are requirements that need to be met:

  • Your car must meet standards for safety and emissions. A newly-manufactured car will likely meet these if there have been no modifications. However, it is best to check before importing. If the standards are not met, then modifications may need to be done before your car can clear customs.
  • You must have all of the relevant documentation required for vehicle clearance, including but not limited to: proof of ownership, a certificate of conformity, anddriving licence. 
  • You must complete an import clearance with customs on arrival, pay taxes, and register the car before it is driven.

Additionally, you must arrange the freight of your vehicle. It is recommended that you use a specialist and insure the journey.

Customs Support provides vehicle clearance across Ireland and Northern Ireland.Contact us for more information.

Which documents do I need to import a car?

The documents you need for vehicle clearance depend on the type of import you are doing. 

For a purchased import, whether personal or business, you need an invoice, and transport details for the import clearance.

If you are moving the car as a personal effect, you need proof of ownership for six months or more in the country of origin and transport details.

Once cleared from customs, you need to present the import clearance, your driving licence, and all of the car documentation to the VRT in Ireland, or the DVLA in Northern Ireland.

Customs Support helps you to complete your vehicle customs clearance in a timely and orderly manner – reducing your risk of costly delays at the border. Contact us for more information.

How much is car import duty during vehicle clearance in Ireland?

The amount of duty and VAT that you will pay on your import depends on the type of vehicle being imported and whether it is coming into Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Duty rates in Northern Ireland vary from 0% to 10%, and the VAT is 20% as standard.

Duty rates in Ireland also vary, but 10% is normal. VAT is charged at 23%.

There used to be some circumstances, such as when importing vintage or collector’s cars, where you could claim a reduction in VAT. However, the Irish Revenue has recently ceased this, so you now must pay full VAT in these scenarios.

Customs Support provides vehicle customs clearance throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Contact us for more information.

Do I need an EORI number to import a car into Ireland?

On a permanent import, you only need an EORI number to import a car if you are planning on reclaiming the VAT as part of your business operations. If you are personally importing your car, you usually do not require an EORI number.

If you are temporarily importing your car and want to reclaim the VAT on the reexport,you do not need to have an EORI number. In this scenario, you would need to keep your import declaration and provide this alongside your export entry when requesting the reclaim. 

Customs Support provides vehicle customs clearance in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Contact us for more information.

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