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Minimise risk, increase efficiency, and remain compliant with EDI customs connections. As the #1 provider of digital customs in Ireland, we:

Reduce errors by removing duplicate data entry
Improve speed of processing with EDI customs clearance
Provide better reporting with bespoke data mapping

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Charlie Dawson
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Save money and improve efficiency with EDI customs systems

Eliminate the tedious task of entering data multiple times with one of our digital customs solutions. By simply connecting customs EDI systems and mapping your data, we can help you reduce the time you spend keying in information so that you can focus on what’s important.

Increased accuracy and saved time aren’t the only benefits of working with a digital customs broker. Using the clean data, we provide you with greater compliance checks, enhanced reporting, and more complete information – when you need it.

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Reduced manual input means less rushing, fewer anomalies, and fewer chances that you’ll need a fix a costly mistake.


Instant synchronisation of data so that your EDI-linked customs systems all say the same thing at the same time.

cost savings

Saved resources from the initial reduction in manual entry through to the cost of someone’s wages to fix a mistake.

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Digital customs clearance in Ireland | FAQs

What is digital customs?

Digital customs refers to the use of technology to improve the efficiency of your declarations and audits. For example, uploading all of your data into an customs EDI system instead of manually typing it all in.

You can also set up systems to talk with one-another using digital customs data mapping, meaning that they update each other automatically. Again, this reduces the time spent keying in data, and the mistakes that come from delay, omission, or mis-entry. Reporting is also almost guaranteed to match up between different EDI systems.

Customs Support provides EDI customs solutions to companies throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Contact us for more information

What is electronic customs?

Electronic customs is the use of digital customs transactions, as opposed to using paper documents.

Although most ports are now electric, there are some processes and procedures which still use paper – although most are hybrid (paper and electric) or phasing out. For example, the T2L and T2L (F) procedures have only gone electric in 2024, and are no longer accepted on paper documents.

Customs Support provides electronic customs where possible, and encourages the use of digital customs solutions for greater efficiency. Contact us for more information.

What is an EDI customs clearance system?

An EDI customs clearance system works with Electronic Data Input (EDI), meaning that there is some automation within the process.

What this means for operators and parties using the customs EDI system is there a reduced requirement for the manual input of data. Therefore, there is less risk and more can be achieved within the same time frame.

This method of increasing efficiency and reducing errors is important for overall compliance in customs, but the greatest benefits can be seen in large-scale operations that work at a fast pace.

Customs Support provides EDI digital customs clearance for companies throughout Ireland, the EU, and UK. Contact us for more information.

Can you link a digital customs system with a warehouse management system?

Linking a digital customs clearance system with a warehouse management system (WMS) is an efficient way of looking after your customs obligations. By working with EDI customs and data mapping, you can link the systems to update each other on stock levels, the customs status of goods, and more.

The elimination of manual input means that the systems will sync up on movement reports and have less chance of discrepancies. This is essential when using a function such as bonded warehousing, where everything must be accounted for and reconciled correctly.

Customs Support provides digital clearance solutions throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, working with you to remain safe and compliant – no matter which procedures you are using. Contact us for more information.

Is using an EDI customs broker worth it?

Customs EDI systems are an added expense, but this is offset by the reduction in your staff’s time to input data, their time to reconcile mistakes, their time to collate reports, and the reduction (or ideally, elimination) of penalties for noncompliance during an audit.

Furthermore, using digital customs solutions can help to prove to authorities that you are efficient and working to stay compliant – both of which are essential when requesting permits or trust marks (like AEO certification).

Customs Support is an EDI customs broker in Ireland and across the rest of the EU and UK, providing next-generation digital customs solutions throughout Europe. Contact us for more information.

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