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Wherever you need import customs clearance completing in Ireland, Customs Support is here for you.

Every Commodity

You can be confident in our 1,900 clearance specialists. Whatever you import, we’ve seen and cleared it.

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From straight import clearances to bonded warehousing, inward processing, and more – you can rely on us.

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Air or sea, Ireland or Northern Ireland, Customs Support is here to keep your goods moving across borders.

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Experts in classification and duty management, our specialists help you to save money where possible, legally.

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Improve your accuracy and efficiency with our digital solutions – reducing double entry and silly mistakes.

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Trusted by customs authorities, we are accredited by AEO and IIFA so that we can benefit from fewer audits.

Ready to work with a partner who can get your import customs clearance completed on time, accurately, and in a compliant manner – anywhere in Ireland?

Here for you throughout the import customs clearance process

From pre-order to post-clearance, Customs Support is here to guide you on getting your import customs clearance completed in an efficient and compliant manner. You can rely on us at each stage of your import clearance journey.


Get clarity and potentially save money before you have even shipped your goods. We will help you to predetermine the origin of your goods, classification, and any paperwork requirements that you need from your supplier. If the import is not financially viable, you can get a better deal elsewhere, or you need further paperwork from your supplier – it’s better to know this before arrival. Equally, if your company is new to importing and needs to be set up with the authorities, you can rely on us for customs guidance  before your goods are shipped. Once your order is shipped and en route, simply send us all the documents and we will let you know what other information we need.

During the import clearance

Pre-lodged and ready to go live, our specialists prepare your import clearance as much as possible so that there is minimal risk of delay at the border.  If there are any random examinations or problems with import duty payments, we will know at the earliest opportunity – which means you will know at the earliest opportunity.


Claim a reduction in import duty late or get help with preparing for an audit. Customs Support will work with you on reclaims, reports, and more. Improve your processes for next time with our in-house compliance team, who help you bulletproof your processes to avoid additional stress, hassle, and time wasted. Ready to work with an import customs clearance partner who looks after you from start to finish?

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Import Customs Clearance | FAQs

How long does it take to clear import customs in Ireland?

The time it takes to clear customs in Ireland depends on a few factors. 

Firstly, there is a difference between processing an import customs clearance in Ireland and processing one in Northern Ireland. This is because they belong to different customs territories, the European Union and the United Kingdom, respectively.

If everything is in place for import clearance in Ireland and your goods are allocated to the “green” channel, then you can expect your customs release within a couple of hours. In Northern Ireland, it can take as little as 20 minutes.

Both timeframes rely on your duty and VAT being available for allocation via prepayment or deferment account, as well as any random checks or supplementary holds not being applied.

Customs Support works with you across Ireland and Northern Ireland to get your goods cleared as quickly as possible in any air or sea port. Contact us for more information.

What is customs clearance in the import process?

Import customs clearance is the process of notifying the government of your goods entering the country, as well as the point that you will pay tax on your imported goods.

To ascertain which goods you are importing and the tax that is owed, you will declare a commodity code for each type of product within your shipment. That commodity code will allow statisticians to collate data on imports, and has a duty rate attached to it.

Customs Support helps you to have everything in place before your import clearance is due so that you can get your goods through the border as efficiently as possible.Contact us for more information.

What happens after an import customs clearance is completed?

After you have completed your import clearance, the goods are released by customs for removal from the port or customs territory. However, note that you may still have outstanding holds on the goods by the carrier, so a customs release for removal does not automatically mean the goods can be collected.

Following import clearance, you will be able to use the declaration to reclaim VAT (if applicable) on your next return.

You must keep hold of your import clearances and paperwork for at least six years in case of audit or post-clearance query from the authorities.

Customs Support help you to keep all your records clean and gather data efficiently in case of audit.Contact us for more information.

Who is responsible for import customs clearance in Ireland?

The importer of record is the one who is responsible for arranging customs clearance (and paying the taxes) in most cases. 

The only time that the shipper is responsible for arranging clearance and paying for the taxes is when using the Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Incoterm.

Depending on your Incoterm you (the buyer) may also be responsible for arranging the export clearance at the Port of Origin.

Customs Support provides end-to-end customs clearance in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as throughout the rest of the EU and the UK. No matter your Incoterm, we provide the knowledge and service you need to keep your goods moving. Contact us for more information.

When do I need to complete an import customs clearance in Ireland?

Import clearance must be completed when your goods arrive at the Irish border, and your goods must be released for removal before they can enter the country. 

This means that your declaration must have been accepted, your taxes must be paid (if applicable), and your goods must have been cleared of any additional holds before you can collect them from the port.

Apart from border movements, you must also process an import customs declaration when you are releasing goods from an inland customs territory or completing an inward procedure.

Customs Support’s import declarants are experts in processing clearances of all kinds – at any port in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Contact us for more information.

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